August 31, 2022

Introduction Video- First Responders Resiliency, Inc.

March 22, 2022

Damien (Short Film – First Responders Resiliency, Inc.)

February 25, 2020

Interview on FOX KTVU

Watch on KTVU
December 5, 2019

Sacramento Bee

For California firefighters, how ‘mindfulness’ can ease the deadly stress of their jobs In 2017, for instance, more firefighters and police officers died by suicide than in the line of duty, according to research from Boston’s Ruderman Family Foundation. Researchers said the frequent exposure to death and destruction leads to mental health issues — and for some, suicide. In 2017, 103 firefighters and 140 police officers died by their own hand. That same year, 93 […]
April 5, 2019

2019 Spring Training Highlight Reel

August 13, 2018

Susan Interviewed on “The 9” on KTVU

August 7, 2018

First Responders Program Introduction and Overview

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