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First Risk Management Services (FRMS) and LAWCX are offering a 50% reimursement for any and all department members to select either ONE 8-hour Resiliency Training or up to EIGHT Resiliency Conference Tickets! Keep reading for more information about this offer!











FRMS or LAWCX department members are eligible to receive Resiliency Training within the 2023-2024 fiscal year. This is an opportunity for first responders to gain proactive, science-based, behavioral wellness training for personal and professional enhancement. Keep reading!... 


This contract begins July 1, 2023, and ends June 30, 2024. The terms of the agreement are set to the point that each department MUST initially pay the total amount upfront to receive the 50% reimbursement. After you have purchased either training, you may submit your reimbursement requests to Maria De Leon's email: Maria.DeLeon@sedgwick.com.


Departments are responsible for covering the costs of the venue, meals, and contractor lodging (a proposal outlining this agreement will be sent to each department). If attending a resiliency conference, you MUST register each employee individually through our website. During the contract, you may use multiple slots for different conferences. For steps to finalize registration/payments, please email us at info@resiliency1st.org.


If you are ready to request one of these packages, please click the buttons below to be redirected to our "Request a Training" or "Upcoming Training" pages. Below are images of training with FRMS & LAWCX and the modules provided in each training.


If you have further questions about the structure of these training opportunities, please email us at info@resiliency1st.org or call (707)625-0636.

Thank you! We are truly honored to serve you and your folks!

Resiliency Conferences


 per person

for up to 8 slots per department

Department pays $1,249.50 per person

A 50% reimbursement guaranteed

  • Meals and Lodging included for all 3-days
  • Conference Start Time: Tuesday's at 0800
  • Conference End Time: Thursday's at 1700
  • Click the button for upcoming conferences
8-hour Training


per 8-hour training

one training per department

Department pays $10,000 per training

A 50% reimbursement guaranteed

  • Does not include FRRI staff travel expenses
  • Time frame of Training: 0800 to 1700
  • Meals & Lodging for attendees not included
  • Click the button to request this training

8-hour Resiliency Training Modules

  • Neuroanatomy

  • The Nervous System

  • Mindfulness-Based Tools

  • Physical Impacts of Trauma

  • Psychological Impacts of Stress

  • Physical Resiliency Training

  • Substance Abuse & Recovery Programs (optional)

  • Exercise & Nutrition (optional)

  • Tactical Breathwork

  • The Importance of Sleep

    3-day Resiliency Conference Modules

    • Neuroanatomy

    • The Nervous System

    • Mindfulness-Based Tools

    • Physical Energy Dispersal

    • Nutrition & Exercise

      *Departments must be an affiliated member with First Risk Management Service (FRMS) & LAWCX