Daily Guidelines

A successful daily routine is all about setting yourself up for a productive and positive day. Here are some guidelines to get you started:

1. First 20 minutes of every day listen to something positive (Joe Rogan, Joel Osteen etc.,)
2. No TV, laptop or cell phone for 30 minutes after waking.
3. 3 – 5 minutes of meditation every morning.
4. 3 rounds of breathwork.
5. Warm glass of lemon water to cleanse the system.
6. 3 rounds of breathwork.
7. Early sunshine on your face (if possible) each morning (sets the circadian rhythm)
8. 90 minutes awake before having coffee.
9. Consider being barefoot on the lawn for a few minutes each morning (getting grounded).
10. Journal for 10 mins about the life you want for yourself (relationship, parenting, profession).
11. Repeat a mantra of positivity and catch negative thoughts and reprogram.

1. Reduce alcohol intake before 6pm / no coffee after 12pm
2. No TV, laptop or cell phone for 60m mins before bed.
3. Lights turned down in the house where possible (set the eyes and brain up to power down for the night).
4. Legs up the wall with slow breathing and mindfulness
5. Consider coloring for 10 mins.
6. Journal 10 things you’re grateful for from the day.
7. In bed: reverse engineer the day from getting into bed back to getting up in the morning – reprogram any negative experiences into how they might have been positive. Fall asleep imagining your life being the best possible experience you can create.
8. Note pad next to the bed to jot down any unexpected thoughts (worries) during the night.