We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and any donations may be tax deductible.

First Responders Resiliency Center™
Donation and Naming Opportunities

Our vision is to create a wellness center where first responders and their families can receive the real-time support and assistance they need, including counseling, cancer research and support, equine-assisted therapy, nervous system modalities, worker's compensation assistance, addiction recovery and support, family services, and more.

Below are some opportunities to become a founding member of the Resiliency Center. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these opportunities further: info@resiliency1st.org or 707-625-0636.



Portion of the Center



Landscape Design and Construction

Our goal for the outdoor spaces of the Resiliency Center is to create a beautiful, natural, serene environment.


Equine Barn

A home for our horses and the equine-assisted therapy program.



Organic food prepared and served for guests.

$150,000 each

Casitas (10 available)

During our 3-day conferences, attendees will stay on-site in shared casitas.


Horse Arena

Location for the equine-assisted therapy program to take place.


Wellness Center

The Wellness Center will include saunas, steam room, cold plunge, hydrotherapy, chiropractor and acupuncture.


Physical Resiliency Studio

Yoga, Qigong


Meditation Studio

Serene space for individual and/or group meditation to reset the nervous system.


Massage Center

Massage center will allow first responders to relieve stress and improve overall health and wellness.


Sensory Garden

This garden will be filled with sights, sounds, and smells to calm the nervous system.


Counseling Offices/ Support Center

Therapists, Worker’s Compensation and Family Services Center


Memorial Garden

Honoring those in the industry who have left us. 


Art Therapy Studio

Art therapy has been proven to reduce stress and increase self-esteem and emotional release.



Gazebo located near the sensory garden


Vegetable Garden

Fresh vegetables will be grown for our onsite kitchen.



Labyrinths reveal wholeness and combine spirals and circles into a meandering yet purposeful path. For many decades labyrinths have been used as a meditation tool. 



Outdoor sitting bench in our garden


Memorial Plaque/Stone

Plaques in Memory of or in Honor of a first responder.


Wall Brick



Walkway Brick


Wish List

As we continue to prepare the land for construction, the following is a Wish List of items we would be grateful for help with acquiring. We would love to accept gently used items or monetary donations so we may make the purchase. To make a monetary donation, please visit our Donate page.

1)    A perimeter fence for the land (3 estimates of approximately $100,000).

2)    Tractor for land maintenance (with options for a tiller, mower, and loader bucket). Gently used is perfectly acceptable. ($20 – 40K)

3)    A Four-seater UTV for getting around the land. Grateful for used. ($4k - $10k)

4)    Tree Trimming Services. ($4k - $8k)

5)    Stihl Pole Chain Saw. ($500 - $1000)

6)    Property Alarm Services (estimate of $5k a year)

7)    Pressure Washer. ($500 - $1,000)

8)    Two One Stihl Gas-Powered Weed Eaters. ($150 - $500)

9)    A 28’ Extension ladder. ($200 - $500)

10) The Neurocatch Device, https://www.neurocatch.com/.  ($35k) a 40% discount to our organization.

Provide resiliency training directly to first responders

You can make a difference directly in the life of a first responder by purchasing a scholarship for them to attend our 3-day training.

First responders who attend our conferences leave with the feeling that they are not alone; others face the same trauma & exposure. We provide tools to use on and off duty, allowing for a more balanced professional and personal life!

Visit our Scholarship Donation page to purchase.