Are you determined to fit meditation into your overall wellness routine, but don’t know how? Here are a few tips to make an effective change that lasts.

Start small and build from there.

  • Setting aside 3 minutes a day to meditate is a great start!

Meditate first thing when you wake up.

  • Whether you work an overnight shift and sleep during the day, or have a more traditional sleep schedule, science shows there are benefits to meditating first thing when you wake up. Your mind is already in a state of calm and meditating before you start your day will set your intentions and get you off to a positive start.

Find pockets during the day to meditate.

  • in your car before you walk into work or a meeting
  • while waiting for coffee or tea to brew
  • instead of scrolling social media

Set an alarm, a calendar item, or a reminder to meditate daily.