February 2, 2021

FRRI Healdsburg Living Feb 2021

Susan Farren is the founder and executive director of First Responders Resiliency, Inc. (FRRI), and she wants you to know one thing, “Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) is not a disorder. Schizophrenia is a disorder. It’s a lifelong issue for which you have to take medication. PTS is a compilation of symptoms of exposure to trauma and stress, and you can recover from those symptoms,” she says emphatically. FRRI’s goal is Putting PTSD Out of BusinessTM.
January 23, 2021

Press Democrat Sonoma County initiatives seek to help first responders

She didn’t know it, but retired paramedic Susan Farren’s timing was impeccable. A bout with kidney cancer in 2016 ended her long career on ambulances. Her experience with the illness opened her eyes to research showing first responders are more susceptible to certain diseases and health problems. A common factor is stress. Once healthy, she sold her house to get the seed money to start First Responders Resiliency Inc. in early 2017. The nonprofit program […]


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